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TRMS was founded by Andreas and Giannis Trikos.
The company's products range from mechanical seals for household, for complex applications in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, power production industry, water treatment industry, marine and heavy industry to a wide range of spare parts compatible with the original pump manufacturers.
We know that our products are part of machines where absolute tightness is a prerequisite and we guarantee the effectiveness and safety of the installations. When the products arrive at the customer's hands, we are confident that we offer a solution that meets their expectations.
Standards are becoming more strict, which is why our products are certified by international agencies and may be accompanied by their certificates:

Also through our products, we protect and care for the environment. Everyday, our work makes us feel that we are part of a responsible and safe industry that works to build a better world and a more secure future.
We are ready to help you and provide you with the most appropriate solution.
Kind Regards,
Andreas and Giannis Trikos

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TRMS - Rotary Mechanical Seals

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