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Mechanical seal suitable for pool pumps Leroy-Somer.

A balanced seal without the need for a stepped shaft. 

The seal can operate in applications with high pressures without suffering premature wear.

The metal tabs can reduce the fatigue and tension in the rubber bellow when in working position.


  • Balanced
  • Single cylindrical spring

Operating limits:

  • d1 = 10÷100mm
  • p=20kg/cmᵌ
  • t=-15 ÷ +200˚C


Rotary part: Silicone Carbide (Q)

Stationary part: Silicone Carbide (Q)

Elastomers: Nitrile Butadiene rubber (NBR)

Spring: Nickel-Chromium steel (SS304)

Other metal parts: Nickel-Chromium steel (SS304)

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