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Mechanical seals for HIDROSTAL pumps:

A1, A1C, A1E, A1I, B1.1/2x2, C.BA4, C.CT, C02C, C03C, C03CA, C04C, C04CA, C1.1/2x2, C2x3, D.BA4, D.CT4, D.DA4, D.DK2, D.DT2, D.ET2, D.EWT, D.EW2, D.GT2, D.GW2, D03C, D04C, D06C, D6-18D.LI, D8-18D.LI, E.DA4, E.DA6, E.DK4, E.DS4, E.EWU, E.EW4, E.EZ4, F.EWV, F.EW4, F.EW6, F.EZ4, F.FB4, F.FC4, F.GC4, F.GT4, F.HB4, F.HB4, H.FB8, H.GC6, H.GT6, 100-200, 125-250/315/400,150-315/400, 2/32-200, 2B1x1.1/2-3.4T, 2C-1.1/2x2, 32-125/160, 40-125/160/200/250, 50-125/160/200/250, 65-160/200/250/315, 80-200/250/315

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TRMS - Rotary Mechanical Seals

Egaleo 14, Piraeus, 18545
T: 210-4080022
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