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Mag-1 Lithium Grease

Mag 1 134 Multi-purpose Lithium Grease-1 Lbs. Provides resistance to wear and oxidation. Functions well over a wide temperature range. Resistant to water washout.

Multipurpose Marine Grease

Mag 1, lb, marine grease, specially formulated with premium, state-of-the-art lithium complex grease, tacky grease which resists water washout even under the most severe conditions.

Molykote P-40 Paste

Molykote P-40 Paste is a metal-free lubricant paste it can be used for all assembly and continuous lubricating jobs -especially in corrosive marine environments experiencing splashed water or in high humidity.

DC - 111

Dow Corning 111 Valve Lubricant and Sealant can be used as a lubricant for rubber and plastic O-rings, water softener and faucet valves, valve stems for potable water, aircraft vacuum systems, electronic and ignition systems, among others.

Molykote Longterm 2 Plus

Molykote Longterm 2 plus is a High Performance Grease and it is a specialty lubricant. It is a lubricating grease for metal / metal combinations with slow to medium-fast movements especially with high loads

Molykote G-n Plus

Molykote G-n Metal Assembly Paste lubricates surfaces subjected to extreme pressures. It lubricates beyond the yield point of most metals in boundary applications.

Molykote G-0102

Molykote G-0102 High Load Bearing Grease is a heavy duty bearing grease for applications in presence of water and moisture.

Molykote CU-7439 Plus

Molykote Cu-7439 Copper paste is well suited for all areas which need to be protected against water, steam and corrosion.

Molykote G-4700

Molykote G-4700 Extreme Pressure Synthetic Grease is a general purpose light consistency black synthetic grease can be used in rolling element and plain bearings, pivot pins, cams, guides, ways, drive screws, gears, splines and other machine elements.

Molykote BR-2 Plus

Molykote BR2 Plus Grease is a Premium lithium soap grease including solid lubricants with excellent lubricating capabilities for metal-on-metal friction under heavy loads at slow to fast speeds.

Molykote 3452

Molykote 3452 Chemical Resistant Valve Lubricant is fluoro-silicone oils thickened with fluorinated polymers. This grease lubricate over a wide temperature range from -29 to 232oC.

L-0122FG Gear Oil

Petroleum and Mineral Oil Products.
High-performance industrial lubricants for gearbox and chain applications.

Molykote 1000

Molykote 1000 Paste / Spray applied to bolts and nuts during assembly, exhibits a coefficient of friction ideal for threaded connections and little variation of bolt tension.

Molykote 41

Molykote 41 Extreme high temperature bearing grease is used to lubricate ball bearings operating under light to moderate loads.


SKF LGWM 2 is a synthetic-mineral oil based grease using the latest complex calcium sulphonate thickener technology.

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