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Mechanical seal for Alfa Laval pumps

21-10-2019 16:09

Mechanical seal suitable for Alfa Laval's centrifugal pumps LKH 5 to 60. Seal can accompanied with FDA upon request.

Manufacturer: Lidering S.A.


  • Unbalanced
  • Double face/single cylindrical spring


  • Rotary part: Carbon (b) or Silicone Carbide (Q)
  • Stationary part: Silicone Carbide (Q)
  • Elastomers: Ethylene-propylene diene monomer (EPDM)
  • Spring: Nickel-Chromium-molybdenum steel (SS316)
  • Other metal parts: Nickel-Chromium-molybdenum steel (SS316)

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